Resilience of input metering in dynamic flow networks

S. Jafarpour, S. Coogan
American Control Conference, 2022


In this paper, we study robustness of input metering policies in dynamic flow networks in the presence of transient disturbances and attacks. We consider a compartmental model for dynamic flow networks with a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) routing rule as found in, e.g., transportation networks. We model the effect of the transient disturbance as an abrupt change to the state of the network and use the notion of the region of attraction to measure the resilience of the network to these changes. For constant and periodic input metering, we introduce the notion of monotone-invariant points to establish inner-estimates for the regions of attraction of free-flow equilibrium points and free-flow periodic orbits using monotone systems theory. These results are applicable to, e.g., networks with cycles, which have not been considered in prior literature on dynamic flow networks with FIFO routing. Finally, we propose two approaches for finding suitable monotone-invariant points in the flow networks with FIFO rules.