A learning based approach to control synthesis of Markov decision processes for linear temporal logic specifications

D. Sadigh, E. Kim, S. Coogan, S. Sastry, S. Seshia
IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2014


We propose to synthesize a control policy for a Markov decision process (MDP) such that the resulting traces of the MDP satisfy a linear temporal logic (LTL) property. We construct a product MDP that incorporates a deterministic Rabin automaton generated from the desired LTL property. The reward function of the product MDP is defined from the acceptance condition of the Rabin automaton. This construction allows us to apply techniques from learning theory to the problem of synthesis for LTL specifications even when the transition probabilities are not known a priori. We prove that our method is guaranteed to find a controller that satisfies the LTL property with probability one if such a policy exists, and we suggest empirically that our method produces reasonable control strategies even when the LTL property cannot be satisfied with probability one.