A numerical method to compute stability margins of switching linear systems

C. Klett, M. Abate, S. Coogan, E. Feron
American Control Conference, 2021


Stability margins for linear time-varying (LTV) and switched-linear systems are traditionally computed via quadratic Lyapunov functions, and these functions certify the stability of the system under study. In this work, we show how the more general class of homogeneous polynomial Lyapunov functions is used to compute stability margins with reduced conservatism, and we show how these Lyapunov functions aid in the search for periodic trajectories for marginally stable LTV systems. Our work is premised on the recent observation that the search for a homogeneous polynomial Lyapunov function for some LTV systems is easily encoded as the search for a quadratic Lyapunov function for a related LTV system, and our main contribution is an intuitive algorithm for generating upper and lower bounds on the system's stability margin. We show also how the worst-case switching scheme - which draws an LTV system closest to a periodic orbit - is generated. Three numerical examples are provided to aid the reader and demonstrate the contributions of the work.