Current Students

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Chris Banks

Chris Banks (cbanks34@)
PhD Student
Research interests: human swarm interaction, human robot interaction, machine learning, temporal logic, control theory

Maxence Dutreix

Maxence Dutreix (maxdutreix@)
PhD Student
Research interests: Machine learning techniques, hybrid systems, applied physics, electric vehicles, and energy transition engineering

Ankit Kaushik

Ankit Kaushik (ankit.kaushik@)
MS Student (co-advised with Prof. Panagiotis Tsiotras)
Research interests: optimal control, machine learning

Esther Ling

Esther Ling (lingesther@)
MS Student
Research interests: machine learning, power system state estimation, natural language processing, robotics
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Mohit Srinivasan

Mohit Srinivasan (mohit.srinivasan@)
PhD Student
Research interests: Formal methods, game theory, optimal control, robotics, temporal logic, wireless communications, smart grids
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