I am always looking for highly motivated PhD students in the area of controls and dynamical systems, cyber-physical systems, formal methods, machine learning, and transportation systems. I recruit students from both ECE and CEE. If you are interested in joining my group, please apply to the graduate program in either the School of ECE or the School of CEE, depending on your background and interests, and send me an email with a copy of your CV.

Current Lab Members

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Postdoctoral Scholars

Gustav Nilsson

Gustav Nilsson (nnilsson3@)
Postdoctoral Scholar
Research interests: dynamical networks; distributed, optimal, and robust control. Applications to cyber-physical systems, mainly transportation networks
(webpage, Google Scholar, LinkedIn)

Graduate Students

Matthew Abate

Matthew Abate (matt.abate@)
PhD Student (co-advised with Prof. Eric Feron)
Research interests: formal methods, runtime assurance, autonomy, temporal logic

Chris Banks

Chris Banks (cbanks34@)
PhD Student (co-advised with Prof. Magnus Egerstedt)
Research interests: human swarm interaction, human robot interaction, machine learning, temporal logic, control theory

Antonio Bono

Antonio Bono (abono3@@)
Visiting PhD Student, University of Calabria
Research interests: networked control and multiagent systems, distributed Mmodel predictive control, sensor fusion algorithms
(personal website, LinkedIn)

Michael Cao

Michael Cao (mcao34@)
PhD Student
Research interests: robotics, control, perception, and artificial intelligence/machine learning

Maxence Dutreix

Maxence Dutreix (maxdutreix@)
PhD Student
Research interests: machine learning techniques, hybrid systems, applied physics, electric vehicles, and energy transition engineering

Ankit Kaushik

Ankit Kaushik (ankit.kaushik@)
MS Student (co-advised with Prof. Panagiotis Tsiotras)
Research interests: optimal control, machine learning

Tony Lin

Tony Lin (tlin339@)
PhD Student (co-advised with Prof. Fumin Zhang)
Research interests: mobile robotics, temporal logic, machine learning, control theory

Cesar Santoyo

Cesar Santoyo (csantoyo@)
PhD Student
Research interests: autonomy, game theory, robotics, space exploration & stochastic systems

Mohit Srinivasan

Mohit Srinivasan (mohit.srinivasan@)
PhD Student
Research interests: formal methods, game theory, optimal control, robotics, temporal logic, wireless communications, smart grids
(personal website, Google scholar, LinkedIn)

Qinshuang Wei

Qinshuang Wei (qinshuang@)
PhD Student
Research interests: optimal control, robotics, machine learning

Former Members

Rohit Konda, BS and MS, 2019
Esther Ling, MS Thesis option, 2018 (personal website, LinkedIn)